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Practice Areas

Academic Appeals

  • Grade Appeals
  • Probation Appeals
  • Academic Suspension Appeals
  • Academic Dismissal Appeals
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Doctorate
  • Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Nursing

Title IX Sexual Misconduct

  • Pre-Hearing Consultation On All Campus Misconduct Charges
  • Title IX Sexual Misconduct Defense
  • Other Disciplinary Charge Defense
  • Drug, Weapons, General Misconduct

Medical & Health Profession Student Appeals

  • Medical School Dismissal/Suspension Appeals
  • Medical School Academic Progress Appeals
  • Clinical Evaluation Appeals
  • Medical Resident Appeals
  • Dental School
  • Pharmacy School
  • Nursing School
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Audiology
  • Chiropractic

Pre-Tenure & Post-Tenure Review

  • Review and analysis of annual evaluations
  • Advice regarding university and departmental policies
  • Analysis of Due Process or contractual claims
  • Analysis of Student Survey Data
  • Analysis of record of committee review/hearing on grant of tenure
  • Analysis of recommendation for Performance Improvement Plan
  • Advice regarding appeals of pre-tenure and post-tenure adverse decisions

Faculty & Admin Due Process

  • Public School Teacher License Proceedings
  • Public School Administrator License Proceedings
  • School District Contract Disputes
  • School District Due Process
  • Private School Contract Disputes
  • College And University Faculty And Staff Due Process

K-12 Student Appeals

  • Bullying
  • Weapons Possession
  • Drug Possession
  • Social Media Violations
  • Threats Of Violence
  • Acts Of Violence
  • Insubordination
  • School District Appeals
  • Court Appeals
  • Long-term Suspension/Expulsion Appeals

Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC

Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC is a specialized law practice devoted to representing students in higher education as well as K-12 in a diverse range of education issues. The firm also represents teachers, administrators and faculty. Clifford A. Cohen and Andrew Duncan are co-owners of the firm with considerable experience in education law practice. The firm is located in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City.


Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC accept cases throughout the United States for students in higher education facing suspension, dismissal or other adverse academic or disciplinary action. Where necessary, the firm affiliates with local attorneys for litigation outside of Kansas or Missouri. Our firm has handled hundreds of higher education student appeals and matters in dozens of states; we are very proud of our many successes for our clients in such matters.

Locally in Greater Kansas City, we’re active representing students in a variety of K-12 matters and also represents teachers, administrators and college and university faculty.

Clifford A. Cohen

Mr. Cohen has more than 30 years’ experience in Education Law. He graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law in 1974 and was licensed in Missouri in 1974 and Kansas in 1975 and in 1989 became licensed in Colorado. Mr. Cohen assists education law clients throughout the United States in higher education appeals and assists students in K-12 issues in Kansas and Missouri. He also represents teachers, administrators and professors.

Mr. Cohen has a diverse legal background. He was in general practice in Kansas City, Kansas after graduation from law school. He then joined the Office of the Public Defender in Kansas City, Missouri in September, 1975 and became the Chief Public Defender for the 16th Circuit of Missouri on January 1, 1977. He served in that capacity until the end of 1980, during which time his office successfully argued in the U.S. Supreme Court the right of an accused to have women serve without limitation on a criminal jury in Missouri. (Duren v. Missouri 1979). Mr. Cohen spent 31 years as a partner at Cohen McNeile & Pappas in Leawood, Kansas. He joined the firm of Colantuono Bjerg Guinn LLC in June, 2016 as Of Counsel and with his associate, Andrew Duncan, continues his Education Law practice.

Mr. Cohen is an active member of The Education Law Association and the co-author of the 2016 YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION LAW, chapter 3 on STUDENTS. He has been Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Rated for 16 years.

Clifford A. Cohen

Andrew Duncan

Andrew “Drew” Duncan has been working with his law partner attorney Clifford Cohen in the field of education law since serving as law clerk for Mr. Cohen during law school.  In his practice, Drew has handled more than one-hundred matters for student clients.  He appreciates the opportunity to zealously and effectively represent students who are in difficult positions and in need of assistance.  Drew’s education law practice focuses on the representation of students facing life-altering situations, including dismissal or termination from their educational institutions or programs. 

Matters routinely handled by Drew include disciplinary and academic appeals, defending students against allegations of lack of professionalism, Title IX proceedings against university students, disability accommodation issues and disputes, communicating and negotiating with educational institutions on behalf of his clients, and litigation where necessary.  Drew represents students in all educational levels and settings.  He frequently represents nursing students, medical students, dental students, students from a wide variety of professional schools, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  Drew also represents administrators, faculty, and K-12 educators faced with termination, demotion, discipline, or denial of tenure.

Drew holds a B.A. from the University of Kansas (2007) and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law (2013).  He is licensed in Missouri and Kansas.

Andrew Duncan

Latest News & Example Cases

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August 24, 2023

If you have been accused of violating your university’s sexual misconduct policy, it is strongly recommended that you locate a Title IX sexual misconduct appeals lawyer as early as possible in the process, in order to protect your interests and...


November 24, 2022

SCHOOL DISTRICT AND UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATORS’ DUE PROCESS IN INVESTIGATIONS AND TERMINATION PROCEEDINGS      As a general principle, public school district administrators have at least a modest level of due process rights under state law as well as federal law, supported...

Recent Example Cases

  • Set Aside Dismissal of Community College Nursing Student
  • Reinstate Dismissed Pharmacy Student
  • Reinstate Dismissed Private College Nursing Student
  • Appeal Medical School Dismissal for Disabled Combat Veteran
  • Set Aside Medical Hold for Readmission of Undergraduate
  • Negotiate Review for Tenured Professor
  • Correct Erroneous Record for IEP Student
  • Appeal Retaliatory Dismissal of Sexual Harassment Victim
  • Defend Public School Teacher at License Revocation Proceeding
  • Negotiate License Retention for Public School Principal
  • Appeal Dismissal of Medical Resident

Request a Free Consultation Regarding a Higher Education Matter

Please feel free to email Mr. Cohen and Mr. Duncan directly to request a free consultation regarding a higher education matter. As part of your email, please include a narrative of your situation, your appeal deadline, the relevant communications you have received from your school (including notice of dismissal or the allegations against you), your appeal document (if you have already drafted or filed it), and the appeal policy of your program or school (if applicable). Please note that our consultation process is the process by which we determine whether or not we will offer to represent you in your matter; the consultation process will not, itself, result in legal advice and no advice will be provided unless and until we enter into an attorney-client relationship.

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