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Faculty & Administrator Due Process

Being a graduate of the KU School of Education, 1970, Attorney Clifford A. Cohen had occasion to wonder how he might have enjoyed a career in teaching. Now, having represented so many public and private school (K-12) teachers and administrators, Mr Cohen realize’s how challenging the public school environment is for teachers, and for administrators. His work also extends to representing faculty and administrator due process on tenure, misconduct and academic freedom issues. 

As is true in my other work, school employees in the public sector have some faculty & administrator due process rights that need to be fully understood. Kansas and Missouri are different regarding teacher tenure and due process. Public colleges and universities are different than private institutions in that due process does not apply but published employment policies and rights do apply.

Our firm has worked on behalf of teachers in Kansas in partnership with the Kansas National Education Association (KNEA). We also have extensive knowledge of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and their rules and processes. Of course, each school district has its own policies and procedures, subject to the state Department of Education.

We’re experienced in representing teachers  and administrators in both Teacher and Administrator License Proceedings in Kansas at hearings before the PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES COMMISSION. Every case requires a detailed and thorough review of the facts and legal basis for the district or agency action being threatened. We have negotiated school district contract disputes, private school contract disputes and college and university faculty and administrator due process matters. With 42 years experience in administrative law before a wide variety of state and federal agencies, we bring to each case a depth of knowledge and understanding that will maximize our client’s opportunity for a successful outcome.

You may contact attorneys Clifford A. Cohencac@studentrightslawyers.com ) and Andrew Duncan ( ad@studentrightslawyers.com ) at 785.979.7361.

faculty & administrator due process

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