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Thursday, Jan. 23rd 2020

Academic Appeals Lawyer Defends Your Rights

Our law firm, Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC, has handled hundreds of academic appeals, with countless successful outcomes for our student clients. The student appeals we have handled include academic, disciplinary, and other types of appeals, such as working to resolve problems with our clients’ academic disability accommodations.  

The types of student academic appeals our firm has handled, with many successful outcomes, include appealing dismissals from educational programs, grade appeals, and other academic decisions rendered by educational institutions, such as requiring the student to repeat a semester or a year of an educational program.  

The types of disciplinary academic appeals our firm has handled include Title IX proceedings, alleged professionalism violations, alleged academic integrity or plagiarism violations, and allegations of violations of the student code of conduct or other school or program policies.

Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC has represented a wide variety of diverse students across the spectrum of educational programs, including:

  • Nursing students (including DNP, MSN, APRN, CRNA, BSN, RN, and LPN students)
  • Medical students (MD and DO students)
  • Law students
  • Engineering students
  • Dental students
  • Pharmacy students
  • PsyD students
  • Veterinary Medicine students
  • PhD and Master’s Degree students
  • Undergraduate students

There are usually a variety of defenses and arguments to be made in student academic appeals; however, each academic appeal is fact-specific and unique. Because of the time and tuition that students invest in their education, it may make sense to work with a qualified attorney when facing a student appeal.  

For a no-cost phone consultation about your student appeal or any other student rights matter, contact Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC – Clifford Cohen, 785.979.7361 or email him at cac@studentrightslawyers.com, or contact Andrew Duncan, 785.979.7361 or email him at ad@studentrightslawyers.com


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