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Medical & Health Profession Student Appeals

Medical students and residents are subject to both academic style evaluation of their clinical knowledge and skills as well as their adherence to standards of conduct within and outside of the medical school or teaching hospital that administers their residency program. We have represented medical student appeals in a variety of difficult issues, ranging from poor clinical evaluation to unauthorized drug use.

After enduring the rigors of medical school and the financial challenges of a medical education a resident facing suspension or dismissal from a residency program must have experienced counsel to guide them in a negotiated solution or present their medical student appeals to overturn any decision adverse to their medical career. It is well known that switching from one residency program to another is difficult to impossible. Therefore, medical student appeals for a resident who is either facing dismissal or has been dismissed is a critical matter.

Our firm has vast experience in medical school academic progress appeals, clinical evaluation appeals, and dismissal appeals, as well as in assisting student clients with appeals in dental school, pharmacy school, nursing school, physical therapy programs, occupational therapy programs, audiology programs, and chiropractic programs, in a wide variety of contexts.

We have also represented physicians in nearly every specialty and have available to me several physician consultants who have wide experience in residency program issues. While Mr. Cohen and Mr. Duncan are both licensed in Kansas and Missouri, the issues for medical students and residents are virtually the same throughout the United States and our firm can, if necessary, affiliate with local counsel anywhere in the country to provide representation in a medical residency case.

You may contact attorneys Clifford A. Cohencac@studentrightslawyers.com ) and Andrew Duncan ( ad@studentrightslawyers.com ) at 785.979.7361.

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