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  • Accommodations for K-12 Students with Disabilities

    The challenge of obtaining meaningful accommodation for K-12 students with disabilities in school continues to be difficult for many families. The provision of accommodations is of particular importance in helping to ensure K-12 students with disabilities graduate. Without proper accommodations, students with...

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  • K-12 Student Appeals – Social Media Violations

    K-12 student appeals for social media violations are becoming more prevalent. Student banter, that would have gone unnoticed in the pre-digital era, is now exposed to virtually anyone and potentially everyone. Social medial violations are an issue of concern across...

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  • What is Considered Title IX Sexual Misconduct?

    This week Cohen Law Firm addresses the subject of Title IX Sexual Misconduct. The law says “Title IX is a comprehensive Federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.” This means...

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  • Academic Appeal: The Internet and Student’s Freedom of Speech

    An academic appeal is a procedure which allows a student, in certain circumstances, to ask for a review of a decision relating to your academic progress or award. We are seeing an increase in academic appeals in the area of...

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  • Student Rights Lawyer: Not All Rights Are Equal

    It is the job of a student rights lawyer to defend the rights of students when those rights have been ignored. The assumption that the United States Constitution applies equally to everyone including students has been a point of contention...

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  • Faculty & Admin Due Process Lawyer

    School faculty and administrators have due process rights that need to be fully understood. Kansas and Missouri are different regarding teacher tenure and due process. Public colleges and universities are different than private institutions in that due process does not...

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  • Public vs. Private Schools: Due Process Differences

    The rights you enjoy as a student in public school might not be the same if you attend private school. That's because everything pertaining to your stay at private school, especially boarding school, is governed by something called "contract law". This is...

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  • The Yearbook of Education Law 2016

    Clifford A. Cohen is the co-author of Chapter 3, STUDENTS, in the nationally recognized YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION LAW 2016, published by Education Law Association of Dayton, Ohio. THE YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION LAW has been edited by Professor Charles J. Russo,...

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