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Thursday, Oct. 19th 2017

The Post-Tenure Review Debate

Post-tenure review has been described as a way for colleges and universities to “separate the wheat from the chaff.” Critics think post-tenure review does more harm than good and has eroded the value of having received an award of tenure. Some believe it is bad for morale and can be used to promote favoritism or penalize dissident and outspoken faculty.

Cohen-Law-Firm-Post-Tenure-Review-DebateProponents of post-tenure review claim it is an effective way to deal with performance issues. But it remains controversial and highly subjective as evaluations are not always based on empirical data and often contain subjective opinion about the merit of a publication or the quality of a journal or other publication.

Most post-tenure reviews happen only after consistent substandard annual reviews. While they do not necessarily result in actual employment termination, they do place older professors at a great disadvantage and often lead to a forced retirement.

Most colleges and universities impose a performance improvement plan (PIP) on a faculty member who has had 3 years of substandard evaluations. Most of these are focused on the research and publication aspect of a professor’s 3-part obligation of teaching, publication and service to the university.

If you are about to undergo a post-tenure review, please call or email me for a free initial phone consultation. It is not an area for faculty to try to be their own advocate. Email: cac@studentrightslawyers.com or Call: 785.979.7361

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