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Practice Areas

Academic Appeals

Every college and university has a process for students to file an appeal (sometimes called a GRIEVANCE) to challenge a grade or other adverse decision, such as SUSPENSION OR DISMISSAL, based on the student’s claim that the grade, suspension or dismissal is unfair.

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Title IX Sexual Misconduct

Since 2011 every college and university in the United States has adopted rules for discipline of students accused of sexual misconduct which in many ways presume the accused student to be guilty and require the student to, in effect, prove his (or her) innocence.

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K-12 Student Appeals

Students, and their parent, in K-12, in both public and private schools, face a challenging array of problems that can jeopardize a student’s educational opportunities as well as the student’s right to fair treatment.

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K-12 Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities often struggle to obtain the appropriate opportunity to maximize their individual potential in public and private schools.

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Faculty & Admin Due Process

Being a graduate of the KU School of Education, 1970, I have had occasion to wonder how I might have enjoyed a career in teaching.

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Medical Student Appeals

Medical residents are subject to both academic style evaluation of their clinical knowledge and skills as well as their adherence to standards of conduct within and outside of the medical school or teaching hospital that administers their residency program.

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