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Tuesday, Apr. 25th 2017

Student Rights Lawyer: Not All Rights Are Equal

student-rights-lawyerIt is the job of a student rights lawyer to defend the rights of students when those rights have been ignored. The assumption that the United States Constitution applies equally to everyone including students has been a point of contention between school administrators, students, and student rights lawyers for years. Although students have basic rights, the rights involving freedom from unwarranted search and seizure or freedom of speech are often violated due to the educational agenda. 

Our next few blogs will address the various rights students have regarding search and seizure, speech, peaceable assembly, and other rights we want students to know. We will discuss factors of age and maturity and the dilemma the educational structure has to uphold a student’s rights and act as a student’s guardian and educator in instances where the student’s rights interfere with the education process.

In our blogs we will review established student rights, the role of a student rights lawyer and when one should be consulted, the educational institutes nationwide involved in student rights suppression, and Mr. Cliff Cohen’s experience as a student right’s lawyer. We will also address the effect student’s rights violations have on professors in tenure and promotion matters. Often the victim of a student rights violation is far reaching and not central to the student and his/her family.

A Student Rights Lawyer Knows Your Rights

The most important thing you can do as a citizen is know your rights! Student’s rights are not as cut and dry as the rights of adults. For instance, a student has the right to freedom of expression; however, not if that expression is hurtful or untrue about a fellow student or faculty.  They have the right to access any book in the library and no book can be removed due to content or “appropriateness” by the educational establishment; however, a student may not distribute self-made leaflets or flyers if the school feels such items would cause a major disruption on campus and throughout the student body.

Mr. Cohen is a student rights lawyer in Kansas City. He is eager to make sure students and their families know their rights. Defending students and educators for years, Mr. Cliff Cohen has worked on cases throughout the United States and handled more than 150 student appeals in higher education in 22 states. Locally in Greater Kansas City, Mr. Cohen is actively representing students in a variety of K-12 matters. You can view examples of Mr. Cohen’s past cases by click the links below.

Please contact Mr. Cohen for a no cost, no obligation consultation by email or phone: cac@studentrightslawyers.com or 785.979.7361.

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