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Academic Appeals Lawyer Defends Your Rights

Our law firm, Cohen & Duncan Attorneys, LLC, has handled hundreds of academic appeals, with countless successful outcomes for our student clients. The student appeals we have handled include academic, disciplinary, and other types of appeals, such as working to...

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academic appeals lawyer confronts several challenges

The Challenges An Academic Appeals Lawyer Faces

An academic appeals lawyer confronts several challenges in the process of persuading the courts to grant a student relief when a grade is disputed, or if the student has been suspended or dismissed. The attorney has to show that there...

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when to hire attorney appeals letter

Writing an Appeals Letter and When to Hire an Attorney

An appeals letter begins the formal process for reconsideration of a decision reached concerning your alleged involvement in an incident. Penalties such as formal reprimand, probation, suspension or expulsion could be imposed on you. You have the right to an...

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