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Monday, Jul. 10th 2017

Writing an Appeals Letter and When to Hire an Attorney

An appeals letter begins the formal process for reconsideration of a decision reached concerning your alleged involvement in an incident. Penalties such as formal reprimand, probation, suspension or expulsion could be imposed on you. You have the right to an attorney to represent you in the student code of conduct process and hearing. It is absolutely essential to the outcome of your case that you exercise your right to an attorney to write an appeals letter and guide you through all proceedings to follow.

when to hire attorney appeals letterIt is not uncommon for some students to make the mistake of admitting the alleged academic failure or misconduct and thereby waiving their rights. Having an attorney who is experienced in writing an appeals letter and walking you through the whole process could ensure that you can stay in school, in the dorm, and keep a criminal charge off your record. Although an attorney can only act as an adviser at resultant disciplinary hearings, it’s important that you have a lawyer who can provide a strong defense strategy and provide advice on how to proceed with the case. By having a lawyer write your appeals letter you will give yourself the best chance possible of having charges dropped or reduced.

Most colleges and universities have a specific protocol for filing an appeals letter, which would usually contain any new information that significantly alters the findings of facts; evidence of improper procedure; or any findings that are against the weight of the evidence, or insufficient/excessive sanctions. An appeals letter must be delivered within a specified time after the notice of the case outcome. If an appeals letter is not filed within the designated period of time, the decision can be rendered final and unfortunate consequences will follow. Your lawyer would take care of writing the appeals letter and all subsequent proceedings for you, handling your case professionally and efficiently.

Cohen Law Office assists students who have been arrested or accused of violating their school’s code of conduct by helping them to understand the procedures and rules, assisting in writing an appeals letter, preparing them for witness examinations and advising on the most effective strategies for presenting the case. I will handle all the writing of extensive documents and the filing of motions, as well as arguing sometimes complex legal doctrines in court. I will research the legal issues in depth and write supporting briefs with intricate arguments. The law office of Clifford Cohen has expertise in appeals cases and applicable laws. For a no cost, no obligation consultation by email or phone: cac@studentrightslawyers.com or 785.979.7361.

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