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Tuesday, Nov. 22nd 2016

The Yearbook of Education Law 2016

Clifford A. Cohen is the co-author of Chapter 3, STUDENTS, in the nationally recognized YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION LAW 2016, published by Education Law Association of Dayton, Ohio. THE YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION LAW has been edited by Professor Charles J. Russo, a distinguished Professor of Education and Law at the University of Dayton. Mr. Cohen’s co-author is Professor Joe Dryden of Texas Wesleyan University.

Mr. Cohen’s contribution to the chapter on STUDENTS was to survey and summarize significant court decisions since the publication of the 2015 YEARBOOK, in the areas of:

School Attendance

Fourth Amendment Rights

Fourteenth Amendment Rights

Harassment (employee to student) and (student to student)


Mr. Cohen has been asked and agreed to co-author the STUDENTS chapter for the 2017 YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION LAW.

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